Our involvement with the client’s investment is comprehensive and thorough

Our involvement with the client’s investment is comprehensive and thorough – it encompasses the investment from its very beginning until its final stages – and includes all preliminary and intermediary stages on the way to an informed investment. It may start with the initial stage of gathering and processing relevant information, assistance with information about financing, conducting necessary negotiations, through closure of the necessary legal transaction documents. 

Business orientation
Our office takes pride in its business orientation, and our team of lawyers is deeply acquainted with commercial and economic disciplines. Therefore, our professional consultations are endowed with a higher added value for our clients.
We create legal as well as economic value for our clients, developing the most appropriate solutions for each client’s unique needs.
When required, we employ appropriate experts to evaluate and report on economic conditions, including real estate appraisals and other expert opinions.



Investments in Israel

Investment Opportunities

We provide legal services for real estate and business investors in Israel and may assist with  preparation and research for successful investments.

 Information about Real Estate investments in Israel

 Information about High-Tech investments in Israel

 How to invest in Israel

Information access

We have access to information regarding the feasibility of varied investments and will arrange the different topics related to specific investments, including: financing and mortgages, identifying and establishing key contacts related to the investment and much more.

 Purchasing real estate in Israel - different stages

 Purchasing real estate from contractors

 Purchase tax and land betterment tax (for real estate transactions)

 Establishing a corporation in Israel

 Statistics of investments in Israel  


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