Litigation in Israel

LitigationOur firm provides litigation services for the appropriate matters such as:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Wills and inheritance law disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Disputes related to banking and insurance
  • Libel, slander and protection of privacy disputes
  • Banking law disputes, including assistance with "frozen" accounts


Inheritance and Estates

Comprehensive legal assistance with preparation of Inheritance Order Petitions through the various states of the estate distribution, including "frozen" assets or assets that are managed by the General Administrator in Israel.

Legal opinions
Legal opinions according to the Israeli law and California Law– our office provides written legal opinions for submission to different courts of law in the world with regards to the Israeli law and California Law (Wills and Estates).

Companies, corporations and Business in Israel

Our office provides ongoing representation to  corporations in Israel and the United States.


Investors in Israel

Investors in IsraelProviding legal services to investors in Israel, including assistance with initial inquiry stages of gathering relevant information for an informed decision.


Real Estate Law
Real EstateOur expertise with real estate in Israel includes a deep and thorough understanding of the market and its characteristics,  negotiation patterns and trends. We escort the deal from its initial stages and strive to provide our clients with a first class experience through any real estate transaction. Our clients can stay in the comfort of their homes while we prepare the documents for their real estate transaction and deliver it electronically.  


Inheritance and Estate Law
Inheritance and Estate LawDo you have inheritance, wills or estates in Israel that include assets in Israel as well as outside of Israel?
We can assist you with recognizing and protecting your inheritance rights all the way until the registration of your title, selling estate assets and wiring funds overseas.  


High-Tech and Biotechnology
Hight-Tech and BiotechnologyOur professional team includes advocates who specialize in the Hi-Tech industry in Israel and the US, including Intellectual Property protection and Technology laws.  


Business Law

Our services include ongoing or case- based support to businesses, including setting up corporations and dealing with incorporation process and documents.


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