Business orientation – most of the experienced lawyers in our firm hold Masters degrees in Commercial law and are endowed with a deep understanding of the Israeli market, to its various aspects. When tackling new technology areas for our clients, we thoroughly study the subject, while understanding the technology and the business plans prior to providing legal assistance.

Access to information 
- we believe in sharing information with our clients, who are given elaborate explanations and free access to data related to their affairs. Our approach is that the client is a partner in our legal work, and that the lawyer is not a sphinx that talks down to the client in a higher language. An informed client may be the cornerstone of a successful case, hence we involve the clients with all the information related to their case.

Uncompromised quality
– we work according to high quality standards. Every lawyer in our firm gives personal attention to the client. We also brief and explain the client our professional activity, and our written work is being strictly checked by at least one other lawyer from our firm.

Caring for our clients
– as a “boutique” firm, we take pride of our guidelines: the lawyers working with the firm love their work and care for their clients, and one of our philosophies is to be lawyers who are first and foremost human beings, only than – excellent advocates. This perspective is integrated in all of our international activities. So it happened, that one of our lawyers took care of the interests of a client in trouble while being in a long distance flight, and as she landed the client received a copy of the written appeal ready for submission to court. We have all the latest technology equipment, that allow us swift response at any time and place, and our concern for our clients works for their benefit.

Efficiency and cost saving consultation
– our professional aim is to adopt the most efficient and inexpensive option for the benefit of our clients. The consultation given to our clients unfolds the real picture (as far as it can be carefully predicted from the common law and relevant jurisdictions). We will never intentionally recommend taking an action that is a financial advantage to the lawyer while resulting with a loss to the client. The client’s interest is the motive of our actions and not any narrow fee interest, and we believe that this is one of the reasons why our clients are continuing to hire our professional services.


Advantages – Why should you choose our services?


Total availability – we attribute the uppermost importance to maintaining ongoing, personal and direct contact with our clients. Therefore, our clients posses direct access to their lawyer, and we give undivided attention to their applications. 

Comprehensive approach – while understanding the foreign residents needs (residents outside of Israel) and the international complexity inherent in most of our cases, we are prepared to provide our clients a variety of services, some of which are not legal per se, in order to provide effective assistance for their interests in Israel. For instance, our clients that have investments in Israel are granted with a wide net of information and contacts with the relevant factors for their investments. 



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