Our expertise in the real estate field in Israel

Our expertise in the real estate field in Israel includes a deep and thorough understanding of the Israeli market and its characteristics, the negotiation behavior of this specific market, and a profound and updated knowledge of the recent preferred areas and trends in the Israeli real estate market.

Therefore, besides the ongoing legal representation we have the ability to assist our clients with their elicitation process, to assist with gaining information about the quality of the assets, and much more. When appropriate, we also assist our clients with getting appraisals for the property/ properties under question.

  • Contracts – preparing contracts for purchasing or selling real estate assets, including conducting the negotiation and attending the signing procedures (for private & commercial properties, from contractor or second hand)
  • Property Rights – checking the legal rights connected to the asset, including ownership rights and attached obligations (The Real Estate Registrar; Israel Lands Administration – ILA; The Housing Company). The examinations include gathering all relevant documents, real estate registrar extracts, and investigations with different authorities – municipalities, planning institutions, etc.
  • Registry - registering and transferring real estate property rights (for instance: due to divorce, sale transaction, inheritance, gift, liquidation, etc)
  • Litigation – representation in court for disputes related to land and real estates
  • Mortgage – assistance with finding and obtaining mortgage
  • Legal consultation for planning law and real estate taxation issues


Real Estate in Israel

Real Estate in Israel 

Our Real Estate Law expertise include:

It is important to note, that the lawyer’s role in real estate transactions in Israel is different than the lawyer’s role in the US and Europe. In Israel, real estate contracts are not dictated by the state, but every contract is specifically prepared by the lawyers for the designated transaction.
Draft contracts are exchanged between the parties’ lawyers several times, while negotiating the different clauses, until an accepted version is reached, and only then a date is set for signing the contract.

Another material difference is that the Israeli lawyer in the real estate transaction is the responsible figure for gathering all the information and documents related to the property designated for purchase and is also responsible for examining the ownership rights in that property (similar to the escrow role in California). It is an important issue that requires comprehensive examination and the receipt of declarations and securities from the other party to ensure future rights for the purchaser.   



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