Our High–Tech services include:

  • Pre- seed – consultation to inventors and entrepreneurs during the initial project investment stage.
  • Intellectual Property rights – we inform you how to maintain your IP rights and how to register your invention.
  • Investment in High Tech industries – we also provide advice to potential investors in Hi- tech projects.
  • Contracts – preparation of contracts for entrepreneurs, inventors and Venture Capital Funds (VC’s).
  • Essential contacts – we initiate and find the relevant contacts with investors, Angels or VC’s in Israel and US.
  • Grants and tax incentives – we advise our clients regarding government incentives in Israel – Chief Scientist and the Investment Center – and equip investors with strategic information that may influence and inform investment decisions.
  • Companies and Corporations – continuous representation of companies and preparation of contracts – from the initial stages of registering the company through employment contracts with its employees, and merger and acquisition and exit agreements.
  • Litigation –litigation in all technology fields, intellectual property, and more.
  • Intellectual property transactions – we utilize extensive knowledge and expertise in the intellectual property field; including the sale of IP assets and value maximization.


High-Tech and Biotechnology


High-Tech and BiotechnologyOur professional team includes advocates who specialize in the Hi-Tech industry in Israel and the US, including Intellectual Property protection and Technology, in its various aspects. Intellectual Property includes non-tangible assets, such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, design, etc.

We represent High-Tech companies and provide solutions to inventors and entrepreneurs – starting with the incubation of an idea, pre seed, through the advanced stages of raising capital and exit and sale strategies.

Our business-orientated team explores the different options open to our clients and explains the various stages that occur during business development and creation.  



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