The firm’s principal: Admitted to both the Israel Bar and the California Bar, Dganit Toren, Attorney At Law - holds an L.L.B certificate from Tel Aviv University and a Masters degree in Commercial Law (L.L.M), Cum Lauda, from Tel Aviv University as well.

Since her admission, Ms. Toren specialized in commercial law, estates and civil litigation – including real estate, succession law, contract law, intellectual property and corporate and business law. In the past Ms. Toren worked at a Tel Aviv law firm and represented insurance companies with their litigation affairs (mostly contract law cases); she also worked at the prestigious Hi-tech department of PricewaterhouseCoopers Israel (Kesselman and Kesselman) and specialized in the field of Government Incentives for companies. In recent years, Ms. Toren's practice focuses on the unique area of international inheritance cases and complex estates, estate planning and estate management. Ms. Toren also serves on boards and had been certified by UCLAAnderson Executive Education program as a Certified Director as of May 2019.


The firm’s principal

Firm's principal 




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