Our firm provides litigation services for the appropriate matters such as:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Wills and inheritance law disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Disputes related to banking and insurance
  • Libel, slander and protection of privacy disputes
  • Banking law disputes, including assistance with "frozen" accounts

In collaboration with our colleagues in Israel, Toren Law mainly represents in cases of international estates, Israeli inheritance and estate distribution, commercial litigation and tort law/ accidents cases. For the appropriate cases, we represent plaintiffs as well as defendants at courts of law in Israel and California. 

When our clients are the plaintiffs, we will usually set a special preparation meeting, at which we will examine the client’s options and whether a lawsuit is the right strategic and effective move. We will examine alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation, which may be provided in California or Israel depending on the parties' locations and may be conducted intentionally via online meeting website providers.


Every litigation requires expertise in legal procedures. There are few essential stages for handling legal civil suits in Israel:

  • Initial stage A – validity - deciding whether to file a lawsuit and investigating the client’s options
  • Initial stage B – determining the appropriate procedure and the suitable judicial instance for the subject in dispute
  • Initial stage C – deciding whether special appeals are required – restraining orders, mandatory injunction, seizure, stay of exit order, etc. (restrictive orders are common for IP disputes)
  • Advance notice – preparing an initial warning letter about the client’s intention to exhaust their legal rights in a court of law
  • Pleading – preparing the appropriate pleadings (statement of claim, statement of defense)
  • Submitting - Submitting the statements to court as well as to the other party of the dispute
  • Trial – receiving a date for trial in court
  • Special initial appeal – the lawyers represent the client in court of law with regards to the special application hearing
  • Correspondence with the other party regarding discovery of documents and documents transfer between lawyers
  • Questioners – in the appropriate cases – preparing questioners to the opposite party and answering questioners presented by them
  • Affidavits – preparing written declarations in support of the claim or the defense for all relevant witnesses
  • Submission of declarations to court as well as to the opposite party
  • Receiving date for evidence proceeding in court
  • Preparation session – the lawyer meets with the client and the relevant witnesses to prepare them for the judicial investigation
  • Evidence hearing – the lawyers represent the client in court of law at the evidence hearing stage and conducts witnesses investigations
  • Closing statements stage – could be by oral pleadings or by submission of written summary of pleadings
  • Decision – the judgment is handed over by the court of law to both parties


The firm's lawyers have experience with various aspects of civil – commercial law, including:

  • Disputes related to contractual and fiscal matters, goods supply, import and export, etc.
  • Intellectual property related disputes
  • Disputes related to wills and inheritance
  • Disputes in real estate matters
  • Disputes related to banking and insurance
  • Labor law related disputes
  • Disputes related to corporation law and winding up orders
  • Libel, slander and protection of privacy disputes
  • Petitions against the Israeli authorities and disputes against municipalities and other governmental authorities