Comprehensive approach

we understand the needs of our international clients. Those international aspects mean we should be prepared to provide our clients a wide range of services in order to provide an effective assistance related to their international affairs. For instance, clients who posses investments in Israel may need a different set of tools and contacts relevant to their specific investment.

Efficiency and cost saving consultation

the firm's professional goal is to adopt the most efficient and inexpensive option for the benefit of its clients. The consultation given to clients unfolds practical solutions and truthful explanations (as far as it can be carefully predicted from the common law and relevant jurisdictions). With client’s interest in mind, legal fees and expenses are explained to client's in advance, and repeat clients is a major part of the firm's clientèle.

Caring for clients

as a "boutique” firm, the firm takes pride of its guidelines: the lawyers working with the firm love their work and care for their clients. One of the firm's philosophies is to be lawyers who are first and foremost human beings, only than – excellent advocates. This perspective is integrated within all of the firm's international activities. The firm employs the latest technology to allow swift response at any time and place.

Uncompromising quality

the firm strives to work according to high quality standards of personal communication with its clients. The attorneys explain in plain language the professional activity, to make sure the client understands every step of the process. The written work is being scrutinized and checked by at least one other attorney from our firm.

Access to information

we believe in sharing information with our clients, who are given elaborate explanations and free access to data related to their affairs. We see our clients as partners in the legal work - collaboration and communication with our clients is key to successful cases. An informed client may be the cornerstone of a successful case, hence the clients are involved with all the information related to their case.

Business orientation

Ms. Toren holds a Masters degrees in Commercial law and a thorough understanding of the Israeli and international markets. For each company we represent, the firm studies the business plans, the market in which it operates and the general business climate, in order to become better advocates.