D. Toren Law Offices
A civil and commercial Israeli law firm providing comprehensive business and legal solutions, tailored to meet the international needs of clients in the United States and in Israel.

Located in Los Angeles, California, our qualified Israeli lawyers specialize in various aspects of the business law, commercial and civil law, investments in Israel, inheritance and more.
The law firm consists of highly qualified team, dealing with various aspects of the civil and commercial Israeli law. Our attorneys are located both in the United States and in Israel. The cooperation and unique team work between our attorneys in Israel and the U.S. establishes one of the solid cornerstones upon which the firm is built. In addition to our excellent service protocol, the firm’s work ethic requires, first and foremost, that its members behave as responsible, socially conscious human beings. The firm is also actively involved with environmental organizations.

The firm’s attorneys are not only accessible to their clients, they are also mobile. When necessary, we are able to travel to and consult with the client regardless of location.
This allows fluid international service under the same umbrella. The client can meet with a firm lawyer in United States, Israel, Europe or another location around the globe, and be assured that the international service is provided by that same lawyer, assisted by a network of lawyers and professionals in Israel and the United States.


Caring for our clients – as a "boutique” firm, we take pride of our guidelines: honesty, integrity and trust. The lawyers working with the firm love their work and care for their clients. We strive to be lawyers who are first and foremost human beings, only than – excellent advocates.

We care about the environment
The firm’s principal:

Admitted to both the Israel Bar and the California Bar, Dganit Toren, Attorney At Law - holds an L.L.B certificate in Commercial Law from Tel Aviv University, Masters degree (L.L.M) – with distinction – Tel Aviv University and a board of director's certificate from UCLA Anderson School of Management.


 Our involvement in the client’s investment is comprehensive and thorough - it encompasses the investment from its very beginning until its final stages – and includes all preliminary and intermediary stages on the way to an informed investment. It may start with the initial stage of gathering and processing relevant information, through assistance with financing, conducting necessary negotiations, through closure of all transaction documents.






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Email:  info@torenlaw.com

 Investments in Israel 

We have the means to assist you with the necessary preparation and research for successful investments. We have access to information regarding the feasibility of varied investments and will arrange the different topics related to specific investments, including: financing and mortgages, identifying and establishing key contacts related to the investment and much more.



USA Tel: 1-818-986-7800, Call us toll free at: 1-877-TOREN-10,
Fax: 1-818-986-7801, Email: info@torenlaw.com
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